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Watch Justin Bieber’s Full Live In Toronto!


A few days ago, Justin Bieber and Dan Kanter did an acoustic show in Toronto to celebrate the release of his album Purpose.

If you don’t want to watch all the show, check out the list of the songs Justin sung below:
3:21 What do you mean
8:10 I’ll show you
12:56 Purpose
16:19 Christmas eve
18:35 Christmas love
22:15 Mistletoe
24:15 Hotline bling
26:08 Love yourself
30:31 Baby
40:49 Home to mama
43:27 All that matters
46:07 Boyfriend
49:17 Hold tight
52:35 Be alright
55:57 Trust
58:50 One less lonely girl
1:04:30 So sick
1:09:03 Down to earth
1:10:34 Fast Car
1:11:50 One time
1:13:57 Sorry
1:17:47 Let it be
1:19:47 Nothing like us
1:22:00 Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

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