Justin Beiber is popular for all the wrong reasons. He is known for driving under the influence, beating fans, and other weird stuff. All these incidents made Justin a hot topic for media, and he used to say on media radar for all these reasons. But last week Justin was on media for something that as it turned out, he didn’t do. Last week a photo popped out on Reddit where the pop start seen eating a burrito sideways. It sparked a worldwide debate among all internet users and media houses. Many people were awestruck as to why would Justin eat a Burrito like corn on the cob.

If you are still scratching your head and wondering what photo I am talking about, then take a look at this image.


Yes, it is Justin Beiber as many believed, and it is shown that he is eating a burrito sideways on a park bench. This photo first popped out n 25th October on Reddit posted by a bystander. It soon picked momentum and major online news portal, TV news including BBC, CNBC, and as well as print media shared on their respective platforms. Many people criticized Justin for now knowing how to eat a burrito while many also came forward in support of the 24-years old pop star. Before we reveal the truth about this picture, let’s see some of the reactions people had about this pictures.

The Truth of Justin Eating Burroti Starting from the Middle

As it turned out the photo that created the worldwide debate about Justin’s burrito eating habit was all fake and staged. It wasn’t even Justin in that picture. This photo was a prank by a bunch of YouTubers who goes by the name ‘Yes Theory.’ Yes, the same YouTubers behind Will Smith’s crazy heli bungee. Sunday the YouTube channel dropped a video titled “We Fooled the Internet w/ Fake Justin Bieber Burrito Photo.” In this video, the creators show the real mind and image behind the viral Justin Beiner eating Burrito sideways image. They admitted that whole image and the act was staged and fake. It is not even Justin Beiber in that picture. The guy in that photo is a look-alike on Justin with some basic makeup to give a fake Justin Beiber look.

The guy in the picture is Brad Sousa, Justin Beiber look-alike and also a fellow Canadian. The Yes Theory then flew him out from Canada to the USA to make him look exactly like Justin and shoot a picture for the sole purpose of make the fake photo viral And it worked. Virtually every major media online or offline picked that story and aired. There was even a panel discussion on a news channel about the eating habit and how burrito should be eating.

Thomas, a member of Yes Theory, can be seen saying “To get this thing to go viral, we have to have people in the news think it’s real because those are the people who are gonna spread it,” in the video. And that is exactly they did. You can watch the whole video on Yes Theory channel from the below-embedded video.

Who is Yes Theory

By this point, you might be wondering who is Yes Theory. Well, Yes Theory is a YouTube channel run by four friends. They are the mind behind the crazy bungee jump of Will Smiths from a Helicopter. ‘Yes Theory’ makes videos about how positive life can be and how a single ‘Yes’ can change your life. They do a lot of social experiments and cool videos. It is one of the best YouTube channels to follow. If you haven’t yet subscribed to this channel, then you should.


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