@Swaggy: “Your granny loves my Swaggyness”

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Justin’s random tweet… or is it Justin?

“@Swaggy:  Your granny loves my Swaggyness”

So if Justin says your granny loves his swaggyness, then so be it.


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@Swaggy Posts Video of Moshe

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So a few posts back – I was talking about how I thought ‘@swaggy’ was Justin.

Well, I just looked through @Swaggy’s Tweets on Twitter, and found a video that they posted of Moshe. Let me just ask you a question… Who is extremely close to Moshe and goes everywhere with him, but also says ‘SWAGGY’?

*Cough* Justin *Cough*

So I’m assuming this is Justin, but it could also be someone in his team trying to prank us. What do you think? Comment your Opinion below.

Click here to watch the video.

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Who is ‘@Swaggy’ on Twitter?

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As many beliebers know, Justin made a word named ‘SWAGGY’ a few months ago, and since then, he’s been saying it constantly! He even features it in his song ‘Boyfriend’. Now, what we all want to know is… who is ‘@swaggy‘ on Twitter? Justin has been tweeting this account a lot. Do you think it’s just because of the name OR could it be because it’s him in disguise? We all know Justin is a prankster, so we have to take that into account. He just loves teasing us. Now I think that’s what everybody wants to know right now.

Vote what you think below…

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