NEW PHOTO: Justin Bieber Takes A Selfie With Friends At His Party Yesterday! (January 10th)


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NEW PHOTO: Maejor Ali instagrams a pic of Justin Bieber and him

Justin Bieber & Maejor Ali

firstmaejor: This guy is a nice guy but he is way richer than me and I am jealous

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(NEW VIDEO W/ JB) Maejor Ali: Spaghetti dinner with the young homies!

firstmaejor: Spaghetti dinner w the young homies

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NEW PHOTO: Justin Bieber last night out with Maejor Ali, Nick deMoura, King Bach & John Shahidi

maejorali: Beers with the boyz


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NEW PHOTO: Justin Bieber having a meal with Maejor Ali and Lil Za!

@justinbieber: Meal with the boyz


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SHOTS OF ME: Sammy Shahidi posts a new Selfie with Justin Bieber, Maejor Ali and Alfredo Flores


“sammy: We are on our way to @floydmayweather’s fight! @justinbieber @maejorali @alfredoflores”

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NEW PHOTO: Maejor Ali instagrams a edited pic of Justin Bieber and him in Lolly video

@maejorali: R/p: this one is sick af
Download my free crownseven app and turn up your life homie ♛

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Maejor Ali crowned

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NEW PHOTO: Justin Bieber posts a new selfie with Maejor Ali on Shots!


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NEW VIDEOS: Justin Bieber dancing in the Studio with Khalil, Lil Za and Maejor Ali!

@maejorali: Shmoney dance!!! Me Bizzle Za and Kalfani ♛ #freebreezy

@justinbieber: shorty loves the way that i floss out

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NEW VIDEO: Khalil instagrams video of Justin Bieber and friends before the Believe Movie premiere!

khalil: No Flex Zone @maejorali @theworldshero @justinbieber @ryanbutler @kylemassey

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