NEW PHOTO: Rare picture of Justin Bieber with Christian Beadles and Chaz Somers!



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Chaz Somers talks about new album of Justin Bieber on his Twitter

What else have we waited lately of Justin Bieber is his single Heartbreaker and especially his next album. Some people close to Bieber already heard, and on it are just praise for the new songs (as was the case with DJ Franzen ) – leaving us even more anxious.

Chaz Somers , longtime friend of the singer, was the last to comment on the new songs on his Twitter : according to him, every time praised Justin’s next album he drank, he would be drunk throughout your trip. Check out the tweets:




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Justin Bieber’s New Instagram Photos

@justinbieber: Sun and relaxation

@justinbieber: #heartbreaker

@justinbieber: 1day Vacay

Check out also a video that Justin published of Chaz on beach:



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PHOTOS: Justin Bieber With His Family In Madrid, Spain Today! (March 12)

Today (March 12), Justin Bieber was photographed with his family and team bieber in Madrid, Spain.

The singer will make your performance of Believe Tour on Thursday (March 14), in the arena ‘Palacio de deportes Comunidad de Madrid’ in Madrid.

Justin was photographed leaving his hotel, and a shopping the city alongside his mother Pattie Mallette, his father Jeremy Bieber, his brother Jaxon Bieber and his friend Chaz Somers. Check out the first photos where Justin was spotted by fans in the city:



Chaz Somers posted a picture with Justin Bieber on Instagram

“@shazcomers #repost movie date with my baby boy

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