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Read Mariah’s Experience Who Attented To Justin Bieber’s Performance At The Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival!


As you know, Justin Bieber performed at the Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival on August 23rd in New York. Mariah, a great Belieber who had the chance to attend to the show, tells us her experience. By writing this text, she helps all the Beliebers, especially those who have never seen our idol performing. Thank’s a lot Mariah!

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2 years since I’ve seen Justin live. 2 years is a long time. So many questions ran through my head yesterday as I waited for Justin to perform at the Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival in New York. “Is he happy?” “He hasn’t been on stage recently, is he nervous?” “He’s 21 now; a man, will it show on stage?” “What will he be performing?” Let me tell you, Justin is back. He is back and he is happy.

Back to the beginning of the day, I woke up at 7:30. “I’m seeing Justin today,” I thought in my head, remembering the last time I saw him which was at the Barclays Center on August 2nd, 2013. At that time, Justin was going through some pretty tough times; but I knew I’d stick by his side and hoped he would find himself again.

I got to the venue around 9:30, knowing I’d have to wait on line for about 3 hours. The line started getting longer, and more and more people showed up wearing Justin merchandise and holding posters. Around 2 hours into waiting, we heard a voice loud and clear in the distance. It was Justin doing soundcheck. To hear his voice live again after 2 years was an incredible feeling. Same Justin, same voice. I heard him singing Hold Tight, As Long as You Love Me acoustic, So Sick, Where Are U now, and yes, What Do U Mean. I’m not going to get into talking about the new song, but let me just say how amazing it is. Get ready! As Beliebers were singing to the music, it hit me. Being around people who love Justin as much as I do is an amazing feeling.

I decided not to go on the floor for Justin’s performance. I was able to see him front row on the Believe Tour twice and after being at the first day of the Billboard Music Festival, I decided not to do it yesterday. The seating on the floor was general admission, meaning that once you leave your spot, you cannot go back. No food, water, no bathroom. Being very sensitive to the sun, I decided I would get the first section up from the floor, first row, right in the middle, and that’s exactly what I did.

The other acts were great. Many acts kept hyping us up by saying “Who’s ready for Justin Bieber?” which I found completely funny. They had to hype the crowd up by using Justin.

Skrillex came on and was supposed to end at 9:40 with Justin starting at 9:40. I figured they would end Skrillex’s set and start Justin’s set with Where Are U now, but once Skrillex ended and the lights dimmed and he exited the stage, I realized I was wrong. “What is Justin going to start with then?” I asked myself. The clock kept ticking and I got more and more nervous. I heard Justin was skateboarding backstage and I thought it was funny that I’m out here probably more nervous than he was. Being at the Believe Tour, we had an actual countdown to when Justin was going to fly down and charm us with his presence. Yesterday, the lights could’ve dimmed at any second, which made me so anxious!

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Eventually, Justin got onstage. My hands went numb but I was able to record him like I promised I would. Seeing him in person this time was completely different than any other time I have seen him live. He’s not that 19 year old lost teenager out there anymore. He is a man, and that completely showed last night. Boyfriend went on and ended. He talked to the crowd. I found myself staring at him with my jaw wide open. “Who is this?” I asked my friend, because you could tell through his speech how happy he truly was to be back onstage. It’s been a while since he’s been back and he knew he had to bring it and boy, he did.

We all knew the rough time Justin was going through. We knew he was lost for a little. The time off he took to regroup and get himself together did him good. I’m so proud of him. He was glowing on stage last night. I started crying. He found his happiness and that’s all that mattered last night. He said he missed us more than we missed him. I sobbed even more. At one point, Justin looked into the audience once more and said, “I really missed you,” with all the love in his voice that you could ever imagine.

He continued his set with As Long as You Love Me and Beauty and A Beat. ALAYLM sounded incredible and brought back so many memories of the Believe Tour when he rose on the pedestal and the audience erupted in singing, but this time it was different. He was Justin Bieber, the 21 year old adult who is back in action.

His earpiece was having trouble so Scrappy came on to fix it for him. You could tell it was bothering him but he still went on with the performance just like he always does.

Dan came on stage to help Justin perform Hold Tight and Be Alright. Hold Tight sounded amazing acoustically and I really hope he plays it on his next tour. It was my favorite performance of the entire set. At the beginning of Be Alright, Justin talked about how the song formed while Dan strummed his guitar. Justin messed up the words to Be Alright, but he told us we help him remember the words. He kept nudging Dan to go into a different part of the song and they’re chemistry is amazing. They completely understand each other. For someone who hasn’t really been on stage recently, Justin did an amazing job carrying himself. He’s a true professional.

Constantly throughout the night I kept thinking how much he’s turned his life around. If you ever get to see Justin on the next tour, I guarantee you will feel the exact same way. He was so appreciated by many last night, Beliebers, fans, or curious concertgoers who wanted to see the Justin hype for themselves.

Lastly, Skrillex came on and he and Justin tore the place up with Where Are U Now. Justin took his shirt off, he danced like he was at a rave, and he was smiling. Smiling because he truly meant it. He was happy; not trying to fake it for people, but truly happy, and I think everyone left the concert last night felt happy, too. Justin, you killed it last night. Welcome back.

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