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Purpose Singles Boxset


Recently, vinyl has began to find it’s way back into fashion. From the days of Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley, vinyl has returned in all it’s glory. Thankfully for the fans, Justin Bieber has recently released all of his studio albums on vinyl, with his raw undisputed talent transferred on to vinyl disc for a crisp and easy listening experience . But, in 2017 North American fans are in for a big treat! Coming in February 2017, Justin Bieber is releasing a hard numbered ‘Purpose Singles Boxset‘ on 7″ Vinyl discs, only 5,000 copies will ever be made. The set itself will include a 12 page booklet showcasing images from the ‘Purpose Tour‘ and lyrics from the songs featured! Each Vinyl will be covered in a Vinyl sleeve and Vinyl jacket, for full protection and collector values. Once in a while an artist will release something so beautiful and potentially rare, that these products will be sought after for years to come! The ‘Purpose Singles Boxset’ is one of those items!

Singles included in the set are:



What do you mean?

Cold Water


Love yourself

Let me love you



Deju Vu

You can Pre-order one of these
at https://purposetourmerch.com/


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