Justin Bieber filming new music video with David Hasselhoff


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Justin Bieber has enlisted in the help of Baywatch legend David Hasselhoff to star in his new music video. This afternoon (Sept 20) the pair will record the promo for Bieber’s new song – a duet with Cody Simpson – at a secret location in Los Angeles.

Bieber is said to have personally requested The Hasselhoff to join him for the video which will be released later this year.

As well as Justin, Hasselhoff and Cody, 40 dogs will also feature, in what promises to be one of the most bizarre pop videos to date.

An on-set source exclusively told Mirror Celeb: “It came about because Justin is a huge fan of The Hoff, he thinks he’s a legend. He put the idea up and then the video writer loved it. Then the idea if the dogs came along. It will be filmed later today and promises to be brilliant, if a little strange.”

Justin and Cody have been working on a duets album together which is due to be released in just eight weeks.

Source: Mirror UK