Mr. Robot, one of the most popular shows on USA Network will come to an end after the final season, i.e., Season 4. Mr. Robot is a drama series by Sam Esmail where it shows the deep corruption of big corporation, government, surveillance system and anarchy. Rami Malek who plays the role of a cybersecurity Elliot Alderson who gets involved in revolution started by internet activists who goes by the name “fsociety.”

Wednesday’s announcement was not shocking for many as the show creator Sam had hinted quite a time in that past that who would no longer than four or five seasons. He has said in many occasion that he has the vision and ending in his head and he would like to pursue that and to do that he has to cut the show to 4-5 seasons. After the announcement of the show end, Sam Esmile in a tweet wrote: “Excited to show you guys the final chapter in Elliot’s journey. It’s going to be sad to say goodbye to Mr. Robot, but it’ll be sadder to say goodbye to all the fans.”

While announcing the end of the show, in an official statement to Hollywood Reporter, Sam said, “Since day one, I’ve been building toward one conclusion — and in breaking the next season of ‘Mr. Robot,’ I have decided that conclusion is finally here. Everyone on the creative team, including the amazing people at USA and UCP, didn’t want to say goodbye, but we ultimately have too much respect for Elliot’s journey to extend past its inevitable ending. Therefore, Season 4 will serve as the final chapter of the ‘Mr. Robot’ story.”

Mr. Robot Season 4 Will Be The Last Season

The first season of Mr. Robot which was aired on June 24, 2015, on USA Network. The show then created buzz that the creators were not even expecting. The show also got some prestigious awards such as Golden Globe for Best Television drama series, six Emmy nominations including outstanding drama series, Emmy for Outstanding Drama series lead actor and many more.

It is also worth mentioning that the creator Sam Esmile is now also working on another project for Amazon Video called “Homecoming” which will be coming to Amazon video in November.

Mr. Robot Season 4 Release Date

With the shocking news of the season 4 is the last season of Mr. Robot, many fans are now want to know when is the last final series coming. There is no official date on when the final season will premier. But the USA Network does guarantees that the show will come in sometime 2019. If unofficial reports to believe, then the show might come in December 2018 or January 2019.

As to how many episodes this season will have, many say that in the first the creators had ordered eight episodes, but then later they made it to 12. Mr. Robot has a habit of inconsistent episode order. In season 1 they were first going to make a ten episode series, but then it was twelve for second and third seasons it again became ten episodes.


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