After his engagement with Hailey Baldwin, 24-year-old singer-actor is again in the news and this time for a whopping 5 Million dollar mansion. This massive 9, 000 squire feet mansion comes with 101 acres of land property. According to TMZ, this huge property has four bedrooms, six baths, three fireplaces (Canada can become very cold), one theater, a game room and a garage that can hold three cars. That is not all, in addition to all those luxuries features, it also has a two-story temperature controlled wine room, a gym, a heated floor and of course a private 5/8 mile horse race track.

Justin Bieber's New $5 Million Mansion in Canada

Do they both know horse riding? No idea. If they don’t, they can learn for sure.

This 101-acre property is in Ontario, Canada, the native place of Justin. According to reports, Justin closed this deal on 20th August Monday, and that also justifies why the love duo was seen in Ontario earlier this month.

There is no clear word though as to when or if they’ll move to the new house. Many believe that this mansion will be their gateway when they feel like running from the busy Los Angeles and spend some quality time with each other. The later seems like the possibilities because Hailey Baldwin is still climbing the success and might not want to move to a different country altogether.

If you want to know how the house cum mansion looks, then you should check out this video uploaded recently on YouTube.

This is not the first time Bieber would stay in a luxury mansion. He had a house in Calabasas which he sold to Khloé Kardashian for 7.2 Million Dollars after being in legal trouble over some house dispute with his neighbor After that; he moved to Lake Hollywood where he stayed in renal houses whose rents ranging from $30,000 per months to $50k and more.

Justin Beiber and Hailey Baldwin Engagement

Justin Beiber and Hailey Baldwin

24 Year old singer Justin and 21-year-old actress/model Hailey Baldwin got engaged on 7th of July in the Bahamas at a local restaurant. There was a lot of buzz going on and around LA about the possibilities and on Saturday they broke the news about their engagement. The couples were dating each other from 2016 just to splitting after a couple of months. But then in early April fans are stared reporting that the duo has been spotted on several occasions and that fueled the conversation. But this engagement approves all those gossips.

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Just yesterday, i.e., 23rd August, Hailey Baldwin appeared on the cover of Vogue Mexico magazine where she flaunted her big fat engagement ring which looks stunning by the way. You can also look for yourself.

We here at “The Bieber Crew” congratulate the couple on their engagement and their new house.


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