This is the next article on our series “The Guide.” In the last article, we had shared 5 steps to run a successful entertainment business. In today’s article lets’ see how you can start your own streaming services just like Netflix and Amazon. The biggest problem with streaming online content is acquiring licenses for movies and videos. It is very hard to get such a license, and you need to have huge resources at your disposal. Without licenses, you are opening yourself to copyright charges from movie owners and often resulting in closing down your movie streaming business. Coke and Popcorn is a good example of this. Coke and Popcorn was one of the biggest movie streaming and downloading websites. It was seeing millions of hits each day at its peak. But then dues to various copyright violation notices, it had to quit its streaming business forever. Now there are hundreds of coke and popcorn alternative sites on the internet which shows how mad viewers were for this site. But sadly the original site is out of business now.

So, you need to have the resource and means to get movie streaming licenses for every individual movie. If you can do that, then this article is for you.

create your own Netflix like Streaming site

How to Start A Movie Streaming Business Just Like Netflix and Amazon

This is not a 101 guide to create a Netflix alternative. This article is only covering basics for any online streaming business. You need to investigate more from your side to start a successful online streaming business just like Netflix and Amazon.

1. Get a Domain and Hosting

choose correct domain and Hosting

The very stage of any online venture is to get a domain and hosting for your streaming. A domain is an address URL that the viewers type into their browser to get to any website. After getting a domain the next step is to get a hosting. There are several hosting for different purposes. If you are someone very much familiar with server and hosting, then you don’t need any explanation from me. If you have no idea which one to choose, hire someone and see which server type he/she suggests depending on your requirements.

2. Build the Site

There are two ways to make a Netflix like site: make and design a site from scratch, and the 2nd one is to use online solutions.

build streaming website

  • Build your own site: If you decide to go with your own site from scratch, then you need to hire developers and coders to get it done. Even if you know how to make a site like Netflix, you will still need workforce to execute your plan.
  • Use 3rd Part Solution: Many online platforms allow businesses like yours to create a site within days without any coding knowledge. Their platform does all the hard work and behind the scene work to make your site beautiful, customizable, and ready to use. There are many services for this purposes; you need prior research before choosing any one.

3. Cross-Platform Support

cross platform support

Viewers uses Netflix across devices. We all own at least 2-3 devices for different purposes, and we all want Netflix to be played on all the devices. Your viewers will expect the same. So make sure your service is available on all the major platforms. Creating such platforms to be accessed from all the devices require money. If you have it, then build your service for all the major devices. If you do not then focus on Web, Android and iOS devices in the beginning then expand later. The key here is to give viewers the flexibility to watch their favorite movie or Tv show on any device they want at any given moment.

4. Content

This is the heart and soul of any online streaming network. You need to have a diverse collection of movies and TV series. Getting licenses for all individual movies is hard. So make sure you have all prior paperwork before starting your venture.

In the recent trend, original contents are also getting a lot of popularity. All the major online streaming platforms and focusing more and more on original content these days. Start your own original section with few original movies and series if your budget allows. This will give people the reason to join your platform.

5. Monetization

monetize your online streaming webiste

Monetization is an important aspect of any business. The sole purpose for your venture is also to make money. So you need to decide how you want to monetize your platform. Here are few options that we suggest you to pursue:

  • Subscription: This type of monetization is currently in trend. In this model, viewers pay a flat rate per month to access your movie or TV series library. As a new platform, you need people the reason to choose your service over others. One of the best ways to do that is by giving free access for 14 days to a month. This will allow the viewer to see how excellent your service is and if they should pay you the subscription fee.
  • Advertisement: To be honest, this method is dying slowly. But it is still a profitable model. In this model, you let users access your service unrestricted for free without any charges. In turn, you show ad your site or in between the movie. This model is profitable, but viewers are recently seen moving away from these models. So you need to do proper research before even considering this method.

So, these are the few basic steps you need to think about before starting your online streaming business. It doesn’t matter if you have a legal service like Netflix or a pirated movie streaming network like Coke and Popcorn, the key is to deliver what your viewers want. As long as you are listening to your customers or viewers, you will be fine.


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