Justin Bieber

Happy Birthday Justin Bieber!


Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Justin,
Happy birthday to you!

Wow. It feels like it was only ten seconds ago that we were wishing Justin Bieber a happy 22nd birthday and now we are wishing him a happy 23rd; time really does go too fast!

This year has been another round of fun updates, amazing shows, outstanding new music and so much more. We know that this next year will be as equally as amazing, if not better, and we cannot wait to see the Biebs continue to succeed.

The team at JBC hope that Justin has another fun filled and successful year as always. Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  1. Im gonna do him right.
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    Do you want to be prosecuted

    I know you everything to miss maheshi.
    Things have to change and i did not mean abput me

    Im a consultant myself wikapedia maheshi

  2. Hi Justin I am your biggest fan and I want to join your crew as a photographer, I am following you since my childhood, I start listening pop song because of you

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