Justin Bieber

Happy Birthday Justin Bieber!


Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Justin,
Happy birthday to you!

Wow. It feels like it was only ten seconds ago that we were wishing Justin Bieber a happy 22nd birthday and now we are wishing him a happy 23rd; time really does go too fast!

This year has been another round of fun updates, amazing shows, outstanding new music and so much more. We know that this next year will be as equally as amazing, if not better, and we cannot wait to see the Biebs continue to succeed.

The team at JBC hope that Justin has another fun filled and successful year as always. Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  1. Im gonna do him right.
    AE13 CEA – British Transport Police

    Eve from oak is leaving because they will not let me go home so she is

    This is a madhouse why they all on me
    All the papparazzi cameras taking pictures of my justin imagine that in real life with their prying eyes, you get treated like a bag of shit and a low wage
    I an not a problem
    Broke patient confidentiality on oak1 still same building informed family when i told masha not to tell ANYBODY im here
    Allah is the same thing as god

    WhAt you want from me i was saying sorry if i really meant it
    Do you want to be prosecuted

    I know you everything to miss maheshi.
    Things have to change and i did not mean abput me

    Im a consultant myself wikapedia maheshi

    1. Mummy – a question about the cure
      Danny – no he has seen it on my profile that is what he was trying to say
      Mummy- uniform for it or parked outside or what

  2. Hi Justin I am your biggest fan and I want to join your crew as a photographer, I am following you since my childhood, I start listening pop song because of you

  3. Please give me one free ticket PURPOSE TOUR INDONESIA i don’t have much money please just one😭 i’m crying n shock if i can’t see my baby in jakarta😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. It was my boyfriends phone number
    There is so much cock in my face justin i mean when im clothed lol and on the street and i think of a 1 nighter but it might make you not need ermm like feel atracted, feel imposed like i dont think you want anyone else. Ps i never did you dirty

    The prime minister managers office –
    Mrsis army has been granted leave to remain in the uk at (the little ladys request – how she speaks about her daughter amy

    I GLmmJustin my key today
    Im just playing my game chris
    Then i laughed because of risk of breakup
    Then you have jus been let into our whole family then aaron
    Then mummy said thats it roz were going sleep or sumin then roz said i am keeping a key in you just to remember
    Then a request from chris simons to place it in phone and fwd message to manager

    Old aide – change your words change your worldl

    My company – i hope the next ones easy –ta for that we are on an arrest( motivati) —

    Mummy – a question about the cure
    Danny – no he has seen it on my profile that is what he was trying to say
    Mummy- uniform for it or parked outside or what

    Scott o3 podcast srttlementh
    Dvd player and a filn
    Nanny said the screenshot
    From me – you boring face motherfucker i want your dick

    t guy to fuck em thin

    Something from soulz -cba.
    Emilys –
    Whats the matter? – most traumatic
    Dont be scared of food
    I wish i could have all that cool stuff when im 25 like my daddys flat
    6767- trust me you will
    Emilys- what and then i just dont fancy a famous person
    Me- yeah …. no emilys a girl
    3795- i will actually feed your daughter for the rest of my life
    Mummy – she wouldnt stop so i gave her one

    Max from 10/09/(55)
    Just spoke to him i couldnt get it out of him
    Somebody that looked or wanted me to look like him left my street with a portration that i was scared of you
    Case of harrassment (advice from shakeer khan) – james simons and louis or louii vickers
    5th september – do you mind while i was using the toilet 12:33pm
    Result: do you mind
    Further: worthy of a FUCKING dbs check? About those stated above.
    Your getting nothing but stress and worry

    I am too – about ben hearing me say if you want im right here ben
    Then 3795 before that saying now what are we gonna do, lipread now what are we gonna do
    Aj56 uju driving that car then a voice can u descript him to 0121
    Nicki minaj ex – book him in
    Is he stupid about ben
    Boss – imagine his moments then 2why5
    5th september not sure whether justin bieber was running past my street when so what if he was from 0121- my side; practising, making his mind up?

    My grandma the queen
    Can you keep that sh please

    Harry – be better than them
    God – your stronger than this

    Attia at ferry meadows
    I swear to allah he is not gay
    Before february
    Do you want this?
    This morning 5th sept i couldn’t find my keys
    3795 – i suggest you put them back
    Leaving that one to the grown ups
    Pizza takeaway before 29th july i am actually gonna use just-eat now

    Billy – hate
    Ian ( big build) – hate
    Attia – hate
    Nafeesa- like

    Affia – like
    Jennie from office hq – like
    Stuart – forgiven
    Vernon – cannabis tea (have one this big- gate)

    To stop hating this world – two kids said quit it or ill tell my dad when i was cooking just hearing them outside 4th september 2017

    Diane brannen – i just cannot stand this country
    Two elderly women were like well were dianes friends hahahaha morrisons bag

    When the crisis team visited last
    Decline – i wouldnt mind it on either end.
    If he doesnt im gonna detain him
    We was actually gonna snatch his bank balance.
    What i said for aggressive – drink
    What i told them
    – i have a boyfriend now but i am not telling you my private life
    If you think you have had a stormy past, think on.
    Liz – RACIALLY agravatted- he has had a traumatic childhood

    Halsey – i wanna fuck that guy.
    What shall i/we tell justin
    Me – dont be so ignorant

    Then – in london
    Somebody help this guy- it was one of the asian/muslim preachers
    I think he asked like what time is my concert i forgot bout ursulas training with the laundry

    “You cause this boy a problem one more time i am not from this country’ – aimed at the staff/bullies on five
    I dont think he should be here – few days before i left the trust
    What am i to do?

    NHS – Social worker
    For mary – i have an illness so from other perpurtraters lets take advantage of that
    Your allowed to be pissed off at people (my side- i take it too far and my mummy says i go into things too much – should be chillin got a council flat money)
    When you have reached your optimum i will release you off our records/rio.
    The thing is i just need to get things off my chest

    Patient who told the ward
    Janet – the fact of the matter is

    Sophie oak 4
    Come on darling hes a celebrity hes not gonna be your boyfriend – before july
    Diane branson – she can afford what she buy me
    Baby swaps do happen

    Esther oak 4
    “I am from the f.b.i can you help me?’ To which i fought back with i have helped enough
    Lets get him back it will be so funny

    Emma willis
    He might be right

    Diane oak 4
    Stay calm and settled
    Be yourself

    King cars – when you use those words to be lead along with something that isnt true fucks over his brain cells

    Rocky maguire
    Slow down – thoughts process
    Next time i want a grand
    Were smashing them up for that abortion

    Last visit, hes your dad aaron then she changed the subject which is really annoying

    Keep depression at bay
    I feel socially secluded
    Whenever somebody beats me to something socially and it really gets to me
    What because vicky raped me out of him at 22 years old and she is 55 now

    Use kettle for the mop
    Broken mop
    I think aaron is on enough money as it is
    Shall we just send him on his way (the bus)
    Stay strong for me
    Love you x – he beats her
    No ribena cos of stains but she loves it now
    Love you x took her first shower july 2017
    Galaxy counters were like crack
    Have you spoken to aaron (to diane adoption nan)
    No, 3795 i dont want nothing to do with u then Yesterday – they need us babe then switch over to hate
    Voice from diane, i did actually get thrown into the lakes today, 3795 said so im obviously off that charge
    Sarj that was were gonna get you in wisbech or something
    No more hating on me im on your side okay?
    If you remember that 5th one i will get you this job
    Meth, amphets, opium, cocaine, cannabis – tested in NHS
    3795 – said how is my daughter behaving?
    Then me and you shall we get back together?
    Then his side – amsterdam
    Summarizing the fact that we used to smoke cannabis, and we dont now and the girl went to amsterdam
    Like trying to defend himself by the amount of times his ex said dont smoke and lock em off and prescription medication for the rest of your life
    Attract- At least you can spell – melv diss
    Grandulose – at least we have a real one just to call it the end.
    Distress attempt – Carry on speaking like that no one will talk to ya

    Aaron is BERY good at his spelling mistakes, dont take no crap from what he says

    I am gonna stick up for him why is he here opp. Esso al7 prob 5 or sumin

    In the child adoption whatever (hatfiel maj) ‘whatever i do its all him yeah’
    If you dont shut up emilyy then im gonna punch you out of this car and i dont care if i never see you againr
    You know we have emilyy to wind up
    I just got sick of charlotte so i grassed myself up
    You know your not
    What is this the milk round for well/unwell – milk for finance

    Sorry about justin howard-vickers- howard youve got him – jb23 last nite with au08 oju

    Come on tash shall we get back together? Then i paid nicole 100.
    Then if you want come in.
    Play him stupid for a hundred years till i die tho yh
    Im with charl

    Registration lb 61bya
    When he asks next time you tell him yeh? Promise?
    Lipread alright then mate.
    Then we’re killing you off up there, then somebody that looks like betty ann abbott

    Ollie from o2
    Wear the jumper justin sent me for a debt collector, that will be jokes

    Put in your potsopath
    Is this it?

    How do you feel now we are police chiefs?
    See rays not making a lot of noise is he? With reference to the fact that he was taken away by land ambulance and the fact that is trying to influence my detention on a psychiatric ward
    Like keeping your thoughts together and not trying to explode

    When i said hit the flashers he said its done

    The thing is i just need to get things off my chest

    Reece vickers-

    Do you want another recipe that will send me back there?

    anything said ignore please

    Mr louis vickers
    Thats it ben brooke delete my number
    Thats my difference
    Hello to the police at the door, do you wanna suck my dick again
    I cant go out im on tag
    That is ten minutes i have not heard him spark his cigarette he is off oak floor
    Detain me then – like it was all him and your constabulary up here listening to his words
    Been birmingham last night dad i know the motorways
    You can start on this boy now yeah.
    Justin howard yh (10.41) spat on
    From james
    How things are perpertrated
    Your good- which i lipread as he got avdrink of water when i never spoke to his face
    I dont think he is -from me ‘is he?’
    Miss prior – he rocked up to peterborough
    Reece – i dont give a shit
    Jay moore – he has been found

    From james
    Anymore money than me i am coming round
    Your good
    Mum i keep shitting but nothing comes out
    Get it outta ya your a man
    Justin bieber – do ya wanna see my cora i love ya lot
    Phonecall – i have autism he is unwell- jake if that is autism we are changing our private numberplate

    We can overdose you
    Did you know that the queen is eminems son
    Are you joining? We need you there

    Hi justin bieber you are realest cool can i have ur number so we can chill i wanna tell you something

    Leah – 8888
    Before maildrop did you know this is the father to all of our kids
    For a laugh what did he say? – pcso female by broadway
    Danny dee did you know that andy is your father aswell? He replied no way not naaaaaaah or deBert so lord sugar is my uncle

    James from oak 4 – bald cancer curer
    Lets legalize cannabis
    Then shall we detain him on the ward with a dogwalker so i confirmed that i heard his voice and said you just dont know my collar number to which he replied i feel so paranoid for work now.

    5291 –
    First weird when a phonecall from preston i was like what the fuck do you want scott and he said well that wss a good introduction Aaron on s5.
    Then in a white van lipread i know you
    Then voice can you get me in this box for a 60 bar – then im in.
    Dsi bedford constabulary Scott starkie- reply to a question bout drug dealing ; is he fuc
    Then well what are we lieing about
    Then shut up mum
    Then well i reckon theyve done a swap on him
    i was making noodles and 37 started to say add sugar it keeps you warm
    Then 52 was like how about whats it the packet as in like stay normal and no weird sorta things
    After a piece of research scott starkie from western australia to kkds ‘suck it right now in the tunnel’

    e rest of your life
    Baby JB 23
    What if i
    Biggest cock
    Can you just let the world grow up please – if you dont like the look of them

    Jamie oliver – what attracts the children then sumin about food then rattle baby rattle next thought give it to justin for our kids

    Robin williams – what finished me was the amount of times they locked him in there with an injection
    If you say thanks then they will kill you

    I just deal with this world motherfucker bye

    Oak 4
    Francis said your still my bruddah right
    Long brown hair – killing somebody with their bare hands feels so good like strangling them ( when kelvin turned up in my dream mths ago

    Janet from oak 4
    What got me through is what if they get me next time

    Carl lentz
    If not justin bieber so much freedom i toook that hint quick cos of the cavell

    Well i am his best friend waiting for me to tap it in

    Matilda girl
    Shes young she hears voices and denies it and she is really smelly too
    Matildas mum – Somethung about cps’ last paynent on the screen

    My daddy
    Hes famous blood
    anything bad – just forget about it i am your father

    Stepdad Chris
    Lia- i think he works for them
    His reply then they sent you that from the station

    My kid just hack my phone et there were instagram messages aswell with the –
    Pizza chess, like grow up a bit pay attention and dont go back to relying on anyone elses (family cameup) about diane tho and leading me back to hospital. Because a couple said then becourse.
    Dont you get it i just want to kill you
    Diane brannen – i do too

    Police – you got a death wish
    Me – undercover british transport 2225 no.
    I joined them the night after the car park mummy and the woman said by pe1 -(everyone keeps coming here) she said i think you will be a good officer Aaron, when i never david guetta’d them.

    Two strangers male and female like roughly 45 after hearing a voice from the terrorist who calls every phone and speaks to them.
    Can i check your phones?
    Whenever i hear a voice
    For that their on voicemail but two strangers honest opinion – ignore it or they probably were

    After the complaint to axiom – attia said yeah well your all fucking sacked

    If mary starts why are you even focused on what they say your my amp.

    Thanks rocky who said next time i want a grand

    After all the fuss bout 110
    Voice from andy (adoptive father)Also before that my adoptive father said we’re getting you out of here.

    I rang halsey she was like do you know this aaron kid
    They row over ya
    Mary – i have just had a text from aarons nan i am not his parent gran whatsoever
    8888 – and he has a birthmark
    Celeb – i cant hear voice no more

  5. Adele 11.50 1st floor monday
    From 3795 – you went mad for me. 🙂
    Martin v – its obviously the police off duty on shift and the controllers then


    Before i lost a suck – he went weird and pulled up in eastfield then the girl said this is your justin bieber, then he said yeah,
    Justins dad before the desert buggys – if he cheats on my son i will make him famous
    The guy – i nicked it.
    I said in your mouth you piece of shit
    Have a shower, i am

    Louis – you dont fuck about with one of my boys – me knowing he diesnt even know him. Then he said thats how much i hate you. Hes even talking to himself lets see if we can make an operation of it
    If he puts crawls i know what hes on about
    Baby youve had a prostate check go and get some food

    I would leave him hanging

    No i know what hes on about to kelvin, he can live in scotts

    Billy – that is why the nhs he has got a problem with yau.

    Mary driving by 421pm – rang king cars – playing with you.
    563333- i have no option but to arrest her after sayin 15 on the phone to the chauffeur company controller
    Louis vickers – we’re giving up then

  6. Cc-23/09/2011/10.32am
    Why does my baby mother know my wage
    I told her from kelvin
    Then he said what bout us? Like pulling tricks? Heck hella no he was saying q job.
    Bettyann abbott
    Excellent work kelvin hes fron the service lets get him back in

  7. Mum if he’s got that number I’m all over this straight away-8888
    Wearing ur rolex to tasha we only have this way of talking to each other and
    I’m sorry how can I help you

    Diverse group of friends aww

    L538ueg if he harms my daughter mental health
    That was Masha to her explaining bout Ben and Chris woodings being brothers and jade goody not knowing the intelligence and Fiona who is waters not skooling kelvin like your lying I don’t and Fiona asking me like 13.06/1998 sperm done forgetting suggesting harry hobbs harrry-hobbs police attempted murder of kelvin lvin. Watching video of white cupboard and Frank brain. Me liver transplamt

  8. With the guys I tried it on with – Louis vickers and callum brooke, I’m not denying I fancied the pair, their future is down to them.
    Although I couldn’t buy anything myself, it was just a little extra thing to enjoy the pleasure of being surrounded by people who knew me, who I wanted to knowlike just people I enjoyed spending time with, to get to know them because they obviously had a shit life, to end up with enough of my mouth and silent friendships in future. The way I was raised through the past mistakes of adoption and then knowing nothing about it through 19 years and being left homeless, harry visiting on my 18th and then ⚹ual assault with the Rockall family a

    Romario – he said

    Drylandsaid if you want or need anything I’m right next door, like I need to be reminded of how much of a father figure he saw of himself. Like when he was in the corner of his kitchen rolling one up. My clothes were the companies in Republic Plc

  9. 11/9
    Me _ before the neighbors complain and notify the ward they should listen to my fire alarm – nothing else.
    Sorry what? I think you need to go to hidden hearing then.
    Sorry I don’t know what your address is, bout security service knowing that. Before you receive complaints the police havef said it is your address – what you DO AND YOUR BEHAVIOUR with it is your business because IM the tenant who pays the rENT
    and before they start –
    Sorry we don’t know who you are.
    I don’t know which landlord this is. They said we are Crosskeys WHO ARE YOU.

    Stop shouting in my home there are residents – respect them for what they did

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