Game of Thrones is one of the most successful TV series of this decade. Many might disagree with this statement, but all the fans of this show know what others are missing out. After the end of season 7, many people were eagerly waiting for its next season, and the good news is HBO just confirmed that the show would, in fact, come with its 8th season. Unfortunately, the 8th season will also be the final season for this historic TV series. In a statement, HBO revealed the 8th, and the final episode will be airing from April 2019. This is a long 5 months fans have to wait to see what the fate will have for their favorite characters.

In the same statement, HBO also confirmed that the season would have 6 episodes. Although HBO refused to give any hints on any of character or show but it did release a 1 minute and 15 seconds video with the title #ForTheThrone. This video features some of the most popular moments and death dates all the way back to season 1.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Spoilers

Although HBO didn’t give us any hint about the upcoming series of Game of Thrones, we still know a lot about the series thanks to a Reddit AMA by David Nutter. David Nutter is the director behind the infamous ‘Red Wedding’ sequence from the 9th episode from season 3. He also directed 6 and 7 episodes of season2, season 8 and 9 from season 3, and several other episodes from Game of Thrones series. He is also the director of the 1st episode on season 8. In Reddit AMA the director while answering fans questions, gave a lot of hints about the upcoming series. We are adding a few important hints or spoilers here. For the full conversation, follow the Reddit AMA.

Episodes are going to be an hour long

While many fans were not pleased to learn that the final season of GOT will have only six seasons, they will be pleased to know that the episodes will be at least an hour long. This new will give many fans some sigh of relief. To answer a question, Nutter wrote: “Season 8 episodes will all, I think, be longer than 60 minutes.”

This is a great news for many fans.

Fans will see a Direwolf in the Series Finale

Fans were not happy that the season 7 had very few instances of Direwolf of John Snow. Direwolf is according to the show is a giant wolf from the Stark Family. One fan asked if they should expect to see direwolves in the final season. To answer the question director, Nutter wrote: “Well, I have to say that you will see a direwolf in Season 8. That’s all I can say.”

This statement alone is enough to cool down fans.

There will be no Red Wedding

Red Wedding is among the top moments of the entire GoT episodes. Director Nutter also directed the Red Wedding sequence. So it was natural for fans to ask the director if they would expect any Red Wedding in the final season. Nutter didn’t deny it all, but he did hint of it not happening. “As far as Season 8 compared to the Red Wedding I just have to tell you – hang onto your seat cause it’s going to be special,” Nutter said.

The Final Season Will be ‘Spectacular, Inspiring, Satisfying’

It is no secret that fans are waiting for the final season very eagerly. And it was also natural for fans to ask if the final series would be as iconic as the rest of the series. One fan asked Nutter to describe the upcoming season in 3 words. He said ‘Spectacular, Inspiring, Satisfying.’

The show is going to be outstanding.

Nutter also shared many behind the scene things like how they minimized the paper usage to prevent any leak and many more. Check the Reddit thread to learn more about the upcoming and final season of Game of Thrones.


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