VIDEO & PHOTO: Justin Bieber praise the dress of model Jacqueline Younis!

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younisvonyounison: You know your dress is fabulous when @justinbieber approves!! My boss @samoohi90 dress line @festoun killed it on Rodeo Drive Monday!!!! Successful shoot! I can’t wait to post more pictures of her dresses! Everyone follow @festoun @festoun @festoun @festoun @festoun @festoun @festoun @festoun @festoun @festoun @festoun

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NEW VIDEO & PHOTOS: Justin Bieber on the set of Poo Bear’s video (October 15)

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puffking_basha: #starbuzz on set with @poobear @justinbieber @tarikfreitekh @milothelight


puffking_basha: JB at the end of the video with that million dollar face #killinit @justinbieber @poobear #workforit

tumblr_ndv91hOYE01qhft5ko1_500 Press record at #createtv “work for it ” video @poobear with @tyga and @justinbieber ⏰soon


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U SMILE: Justin Bieber Gets His 14th VEVO Certified Video!

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Congratulations to Justin Bieber! He just earned his 14th VEVO certified video because the ‘U Smile’ video reached 100 million views. He deserves it, that video is insanely good and creative. Justin works so hard non-stop, I’m happy that his hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Countdown of Justin’s VEVO verified Videos! CHECK OUT ON THE VEVO HERE!

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