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5 Latest TV Shows to Binge Watch in November


A new month is here, and a bunch of new TV shows to binge watch. In this age of online media, almost all the TV shows that we like is now available right under our fingertips. Gone are those days when watching a TV series was only possible on TV, and if missed one episode, nobody knew when would that back episode air again. But now you can just tune to any popular online streaming platform and start watching any TV show from the beginning. Don’t want to pay a subscription fee? Well, you can always use any best free TV series download sites and download for free. No matter what service or medium you choose to watch TV series, you will still be ready to watch a TV series instantly.

latest shows to binge watching in November

Here are 5 latest TV series for you to binge watch this November.

5 Latest TV series of November

1. House of Cards

House of Cards

The biggest Netflix original series “House of Card” is back with its 6th season and probably the last season. Netflix officially entered the original content making with House of Card in 2013. This show was a hit among all age group. This season is also going to be an interesting series because of the Frank Underwood a.k.a Kevin Spacey is dead in this series. Netflix had to drop Kevin Spacey from the show following various sexual harassment allegation. It will be interesting to see how Netflix pulls this season off without its lead character. House of Card season 6 is now streaming on Netflix from 2nd November.

2. Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

Hasan Minhaj, the daily show fame is now coming on Netflix with his own original show called Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj. In this political news comedy show, the comic picks up different topic both political and news and analyze with different sources with the topping of comedy. This is your Netflix substitute for a daily show on different TV channel. Hasan Minhaj is also a talented comedian with a good record on “The Daily Show.” Netflix has signed him for a 32 episode season with each episode every week. This show is already been airing from October 28th.

3. Homecoming


Amazon is also producing some great original content for its online streaming platform: Prime Video. Homecoming is the latest addition to a growing prime video original content catalog on Prime Video. Sam Esmail directs homecoming. The same director who directed the popular TV series “Mr.Robot.” The series which is now available on Prime Video based on a podcast. The show is about a facility where the war veterans come to take psychological classes to forget the horror of war and to be able to join the common civilians.

4. Narcos Mexico

Narcos Mexico

Narcos the popular Netflix show is back again with its 4th season. The last 3 seasons were focused on Pablo and his rival drug lords in Colombia. For the fourth season, Netflix has turned to Mexico; another country with a heavy drug history. This series explores the drug lords of Mexico from 1980 and their large empire. The drama and suspense of DEA agents are trying to stop the business while drug lords are doing everything they can to keep their business and crime empire standing.

5. Sacred Games

Sacred Games

Online streaming services are filled with non-English contents, and one of the best TV series among non-English contents is the “Sacred Games.” This is the first Netflix original series out of India. The series is in Hindi language and available in almost all countries. The series is about the mafia or underworld of Mumbai. Many people compare this show with Netflix another popular show Narcos. Netflix is also aiming to target mass non-English speaker to watch this Indian masterpiece. This TB series is unlike any commercial Bollywood movies. You should definitely give this 8 episode series a go.

These are the best TV series to watch any streaming platform as of November 2018.