The 10 Most Important Moments For Justin Bieber In 2015


2015 has been a great year for Justin Bieber, his team and his Beliebers. Here’s the 10 most important moments in 2015.

1.Calvin Klein campaign

In January, Justin Bieber did a photoshoot for Calvin Klein‘s underwear collection and Calvin Klein Jeans with the model Lara Stone. Since this moment, he became the new face of the famous brand.

2. Justin Bieber’s comeback on the American TV: The Ellen Show

At the end of January 2015, Justin Bieber made a surprise appearance on The Ellen Show for Ellen Degeneres’ birthday. Since his break, it was his first TV appearance. Even if Justin performed for the biggest crowds in the world, he was nervous.  He apologized about his bad period for the first. It was only the beginning. We forgive him.

3. Bieber Roast
Bieber Roast

A few years ago, Justin Bieber already asked to be roasted. The humorists said no because they had nothing to say about him. After Justin’s mistakes, they had enough to roast him. It happened in February. The singer wanted to be roasted because it’s a way to laugh of himself and apologize for all the bad things he did.

4. Hot 100 Fest Music Festival


On August 23rd, Justin Bieber performed in New York at the Billboard Hot 100 Fest. It was his first and longest show alone on stage since awhile. Guess what? It was a success! Such an emotional show.

You can read Mariah’s experience who attended to the concert here.

5. What Do You Mean release

 What Do You Mean cover

What Do You Mean, teased for one month, has been released on August 28th. It was the debut single of Justin Bieber’s next album called Purpose. Another success: this song broke a few records!


VMA 2015 performance 27

Do you remember that moment when Justin Bieber cried onstage? For his comeback on the VMA stage and his first performance of What Do You Mean, the Biebs received a standing ovation at the end of the show. He didn’t expect that. That’s why he felt so moved.

7. The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon


A few days after the VMAs, Justin Bieber gave an interview to his old friend Jimmy Fallon. First, he explained why he got emotional during the awards ceremony. Then he sung his new single Sorry. This performance was amazing and unique so if you didn’t watch it yet, you should (re)watch it here.

8. MTV EMA in Milan

MTV EMA 2015

As you can notice it on the photo above, Justin Bieber won 6 awards in Milan in October during the MTV EMAs, which he broke some records! He also did an impressive performance. Watch it here.

9. Purpose release


After 3 years without releasing a studio album, Justin Bieber brought out Purpose on a Friday, November 13th. What a lucky day! This album also broke records.

10. An Evening With JB

An Evening with JB 3

To celebrate the release  of Purpose, Justin Bieber did a few shows for his Beliebers. The last one, probably the best, took place in Toronto.  Watch the full live here.

Watch Justin Bieber’s Short Film PURPOSE: The Movement!


A few days after the release of his album Purpose, Justin Bieber shared dance videos of all the tracks from Purpose standard version, that is made of 13 songs or 13 videos! This film is directed by Parris Goebel. Justin’s friend Rory Kramer is also involved in the project: he filmed and edited the intro. A novelty has to be noticed. The short film doesn’t show Justin Bieber to advantage. Indeed, he appears only in 2 videos.

You can watch the entire short film above. But if you don’t want to stream the 42-minutes-long movie, you can also watch the one you want below:

  1. Mark My Words 
  2. I’ll Show You
  3. What Do You Mean
  4. Sorry
  5. Love Yourself
  6. Company
  7. No Pressure
  8. No Sense
  9. The Feeling
  10. Life Is Worth Living
  11. Where Are Ü Now
  12. Children
  13. Purpose

Watch Justin Bieber’s Full Live In Toronto!


A few days ago, Justin Bieber and Dan Kanter did an acoustic show in Toronto to celebrate the release of his album Purpose.

If you don’t want to watch all the show, check out the list of the songs Justin sung below:
3:21 What do you mean
8:10 I’ll show you
12:56 Purpose
16:19 Christmas eve
18:35 Christmas love
22:15 Mistletoe
24:15 Hotline bling
26:08 Love yourself
30:31 Baby
40:49 Home to mama
43:27 All that matters
46:07 Boyfriend
49:17 Hold tight
52:35 Be alright
55:57 Trust
58:50 One less lonely girl
1:04:30 So sick
1:09:03 Down to earth
1:10:34 Fast Car
1:11:50 One time
1:13:57 Sorry
1:17:47 Let it be
1:19:47 Nothing like us
1:22:00 Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On