Calendar of Justin Bieber’s single “What Do You Mean” promotional tour

Calendar of Justin Bieber’s single “What Do You Mean” promotional tour


What Do You Mean cover

As you know, Justin Bieber’s single What Do You Mean will be available on August 28th. These days, Justin attends to a lot of events to promote his new single. If you’re lost, don’t worry! This article recaps all Justin’s public appearances.

August 28th

– 7:40 AM ET (New York time): Interview with Elvis Duran (recorded a few days ago) on Z100. Tune in
– 6:20 AM PT (Los Angeles time): Justin Bieber will be on The Cruz Show on Power 106 fm. Tune in
– 7:20 AM PT: Interview with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS fm. Tune in
– 8:00 AM PT: Interview on SiriusXM Hits 1. Tune in
– 3:00 PM ET: Interview on Radio Disney.

August 30th

Justin Bieber attends to MTV VMA 2015: He performs for the first time What Do You Mean and Where Are Ü Now is nominated for 4 (including 3 professional categories). Live stream

August 31st

7:00 PM ET:  Interview for the 95.7 The Vibe radio station. Tune in

September 1st

7:00 PM ET: Interview for Zach Sang & The Gang on 105.3 HOT FM.

September 2nd

– 7:00 PM ET: Interview for Zach Sang & The Gang on 105.3 HOT FM.

– Justin appears NBC‘s Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Watch it

September 8th

– 7:30 AM (Sidney time): Phone interview for KIIS 1065. Watch it

September 10th

– 7:00 AM ET: Interview on KTU 103.5 FM. Watch it

– Justin Bieber performs at TODAY plaza in New York. Watch it

– Appearance on The Ellen Show. Watch it

– 7:00 PM ET: Chat with Marvin Humes on Capital FM.

September 11th

Performance at the Think It Up education initiative telecast in California. Watch it

September 15th

Justin gives several interviews and does a meet & greet in Berlin, Germany.

September 16th

– 7:00 PM (Paris time): Interview for Cauet on NRJ in Paris, France. Tune in

– 8:00 PM: Interview for Energy Berlin (recorded a day ago).

September 17th

– 5:20 PM (French time): Interview for Le Daily Mag on NRJ 12 (a French TV channel)

– Appearance in Touche Pas A Mon Poste (French TV show). Watch it

September 18th

– 7:00 PM (French time): Interview for C a Vous on France 5 (French TV). Watch it

– Justin Bieber gives an interview and performs on Le Grand Journal, a French TV show. Watch it + bonus performance

September 19th

5:50 PM (French time): Interview with Nikos Aliagas for Europe 1 (French radio station) and 50 minutes inside on TF1 (French TV channel). Justin gave it at his hotel on September 16th.

September 28th

6:00 PM (AU time): Intimate performance on a rooftop in Melbourne, Australia.

September 29th

Performance for X Factor Australia.

September 30th

– Live performance for Sunrise (an Australian radio station). The morning show from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM. 

– Justin Bieber will be performing in Sidney harbour, Australia.

December 17th

– Performance at the Jingle Ball in Atlanta. Tickets on sale on October 9th.

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Justin Bieber gives a phone interview to Shaq!


Shaquille O’Neal presents The Big Podcast. He called his friend Justin Bieber with Rich Eisen and spoke about music and the Bieber Roast.
You can read below some quotes from the interview.

Rich Eisen: Thanks for doing this (interview)
Justin Bieber: Any friend of Shaq is a friend of mine!
Shaq: How are you, man?
JB: I’ve been good, how’ve you been?
Shaq: I’ve been doing pretty good, I hear you’ve got an album coming?
JB: Yeah, my album should be coming out within the next couple months. I’ve got my single that we’ve just announced, uhm, a 30 day countdown, and I’m just super excited to get my voice back out there, get on tour, and do what I love. […] That’s my new single, called ‘What Do You Mean’, it’s a cool new sound – I think it goes hand-in-hand with the song ‘Where Are U Now’. I just want to say thank you to all of my fans, and everyone who has supported me with that record, we’re about to have a good year.
Shaq: You’re not mad with me, dude (from roast)?
JB: *laugh* Not at all, it was all fun and games, and I enjoyed having you there. […] We were thinking of some cool ways to just show people my personality, and show people that I don’t take myself too seriously. It was an awesome experience for me, I grew a lot, and yeah…it was awesome. […] I’m living in Cali right now, yeah, just finishing up the album.
Justin jokingly to Rich: We got our new band, it’s ‘Two Direction’.

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Learn 20 facts about Justin Bieber!



Justin Bieber gave an interview to Cosmopolitan Magazine. You will be able to read the full interview in September issue. You can already discover 20 facts about our idol:

20 Things You Never Know About Him

1. My first show was in: Tulsa, Oklahoma
2. ​I really want to collaborate with: ​John Mayer
3. ​Top three songs on my iPod: ​”Too Hollygrove to Go,“ “Hollywood,” “No Longer Slaves”
4. Go-to karaoke song: ​”Let It Be”
5. ​Favorite summer song: ​”Teenage Dream”
6. ​Favorite Canadian staples: ​ketchup chips, Tim Hortons doughnuts, poutine
7. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I watch: Scandal
8. ​First drink I ordered legally: ​beer
9. ​I’m secretly terrified of: ​spiders
10. ​My favorite tattoo is my: ​owl
11. And the next one I’m getting is a: ​tramp stamp, LOL
12. ​Style I hate on girls: ​gladiator sandals
13. ​Style I love: ​booty shorts
14. ​One things I’ve learned about women is: ​They are complicated.
15. ​The sexiest thing about a woman is: ​her attitude
16. ​My first kiss was: ​at a snowhill
17. ​Pet peeve: ​waiting on slow Internet
18. ​Most embarrassing moment: ​running into glass
19. One thing even Beliebers don’t know about me is: ​I can hold my breath underwater for two minutes.
20. Best joke from my roast: ​Someone said that Kevin Hart had to be back on Shaq’s keychain by the end of the night.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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Skrillex talks about Justin Bieber


Love this guy

Une photo publiée par Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) le

Skrillex talks about Justin Bieber in a recent interview:

Justin is a f—ing virtuoso. He’ll school you at every-thing: Ping-Pong, basketball, freestyle rapping.
The kid (JB) is so competitive. Whatever he does he’s super good at, so you don’t stand a chance. It’s not even fair.


Steven Klein talks about Justin Bieber’s photoshoot for Interview magazine


Steven Klein, who photographed Justin Bieber for the magazine Interview, talks about the photoshoot.

Using a Polaroid camera from the ’70s, Klein aimed to capture raw and real — aka no re-touching — images of the 21-year-old.

“There was no editing by art directors,” he said, noting that the shoot was “simple, spontaneous and really documenting him in the way he looked [that day]. He came in looking pretty much like that, with that haircut, so there was no manipulation at all.”

“It was kind of trying to make this idea of an intimate look at Justin, instead of this fabricated pop icon’s idea of photographing a celebrity or a pop star,” he added.

“He just came from his acupuncturist, he had a neck injury,” Klein recalled. “At one point, the makeup artist was going to take them down or remove them with makeup, and I just said, ‘Leave them, because I want to reveal the true imperfections and the reality of what he really looked like.'”

The old-school method of capturing and developing each individual photo kept Bieber intrigued, Klein said, and the singer even brought a few ideas of his own to the shoot.

“He wanted to take a picture like he was a photographer, taking a picture of a girl,” Klein recalled of one specific shot. “I like working with people that are creative and have an artistic integrity.”

And while Klein aimed to “remove all the artifice of what people think about [Bieber],” it was the Biebs’ idea to pose in the buff.

“We had probably 20 racks of clothes, and he actually looked at an overview of the clothes and he didn’t even really want to shoot the fashion,” Klein said. “Everything was more like flesh and black and simple.”

But he did make an exception for a few eerie props: a terrifying clown mask with flame-red hair and a lone knife.

“I’ve used a lot of guns as props, so I thought I’d move on to knives,” Klein said with a laugh.


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Justin Bieber is on the cover of Interview Magazine!


Interview cover

Justin Bieber features on the cover of Interview. The magazine will be available in August 2015.
The photograph Steven Klein did a photoshoot of the Calvin Klein model. Karl Templer styled Justin. These photos are a therapy of Justin’s DUI and were taken in June 2015 in Los Angeles.

Martha Stewart, who roasted Justin in March, interviewed him. You can read the full interview below:

MARTHA STEWART: Hi. How are you? You’re recording?

JUSTIN BIEBER: I’m in the studio, yes.

STEWART: How fantastic. It was really fun to see you at the roast. What was the reaction to that?

BIEBER: I thought it was great. While I’m walking down the street, I constantly have people coming up to me saying that they loved the roast and that it was awesome, so I feel like there was a great reaction.

STEWART: There were zillions of impressions on the internet, and I thought you handled yourself amazingly well.

BIEBER: Thank you. And thank you so much for doing that for me.

STEWART: Oh, you’re very welcome. Did you feel uncomfortable at any point during the roast?

BIEBER: Oh, of course. But, overall, it was fun because I knew a lot of the people on the panel. It was all in good fun.

STEWART: I think it was just a little bit uncomfortable for all of us [laughs], but it was also fun. Do you remember when we first met? It was in February 2011. You were with your mom, and we were backstage at … Do you remember where?

BIEBER: No, I don’t remember where.

STEWART: It was David Letterman.

BIEBER: Oh yeah.

STEWART: I have a picture of the three of us. Your mom’s in the middle, and you look about 10 years old, but you must’ve been 16 or 17 because that’s only about four years ago.

BIEBER: I always looked really young. I matured pretty late.

STEWART: Yeah. It’s crazy. You had little bangs, and we’re just smiling. So much has happened to you since then. You’re 21 and, I would say, pretty sophisticated now. You just went to the Met Ball. How was that?

BIEBER: It was awesome. We got to see a lot of great people.

STEWART: Did you have a date?

BIEBER: I didn’t have a date. But I got to talk to Anna Wintour for quite a few minutes. We talked about fashion, and I thanked her for inviting me, because you have to be invited to the event. I know they use a pretty small list, so to be in that room with a lot of awesome people …

STEWART: Do you remember who the designer of your beautiful jacket was?

BIEBER: It was Balmain. And, actually, I guess I did have a date. It wasn’t a girl; my date was Olivier [Rousteing], who’s the designer at Balmain.

STEWART: Oh, it was Olivier. I was hoping that you would ask me to be your date. [both laugh]

BIEBER: Well, I would have.

STEWART: I would’ve worn my Balmain dress. But, anyway, you looked great. What was it like to grow up in Ontario?

BIEBER: I grew up in a really rural town, Stratford, Ontario, with 30,000 people. There’s a big festival thrown in the town. A lot of people travel from all over the world to see it, and growing up, I actually used to busk on the street. I’d play my guitar, sing, and people would throw money in the case. That was really fun, and I actually got enough money to bring my mom to Florida to go to Disney World, because I always wanted to go but we never had enough money. Growing up, I played a lot of sports. I played hockey and basketball and soccer.


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US Weekly interviews Justin Bieber at the Calvin Klein event in Hong Kong


As you know, Justin Bieber performed at the Calvin Klein Live on June 11th in Hong Kong. You can read an article about it here. He spoke about his new music, his collaboration with Kanye West, Diplo and Skrillex. Here’s the full interview:

US WEEKLY: What’s up, man?
Justin Bieber: What up man?
US: Welcome to Hong Kong! You like it?
JB: Nice. I do like it, yeah.
US: Yeah?
JB: Yeah.
US: Cool. So the responses to this CK campaign have been incredible.
JB: Yes!
US: Did you think that it would take off like it did?
JB: I did, yeah. It’s a big brand. I feel like my brand’s pretty big, so I think it would make a success.
US: What does it feel like to have yourself on billboards all over the place in your underwear?
JB: It’s cool. I get a lot of texts from my friends like making fun of me.
US: Yeah.
JB: Like taking pictures with it or like pulling up their shirt just messing with me like ‘I see you— you’re too big and buff.’ You know? It’s fun.

US: What do you do to stay in shape? What do you do week to week? Do you have a certain diet?
JB: I’ve been working out recently, but when I was doing a shoot I would spend like two weeks before the shoot just really grinding it, working out everyday, eating healthy. Now I’m kind of like, I gave up a little bit – but not really.
US: What type of style are you into? What would you say your style is these days? What kinds of trends?
JB: Style? I don’t know if I could really describe my style. My style, man. I can’t really describe it. I can just say I’m really into like layering pieces right now. Really drapey sweaters, long stuff. I really like – Jerry Lorenzo’s stuff is awesome with Fear of God. Really like that.
US: What do you like for girls?
JB: I think this season is Saint Laurent is really cool so I like—I like to see girls in that for sure. They’re in like a cowgirl stage right now
US: Yeah.
JB: Like neutral colors and stuff. It’s really neat.
US: So you’ve mentioned, in a lot of interviews lately, changes in your life. How is that reflected in your work and your music these days?
JB: I don’t know about positive changes. I just mean, I’m a human being. So I’m growing as a man, and you just figure some certain things out that you’re okay with, and what you believe in. I can’t really say that I’ve made any mistakes, but that I’m just human, you know? And I think that that, in general, just growth helps me with my music. Like I put everything in my music, like everything I have, because that’s what I’m made for. I’m super creative, I’m always in the studio. So my growth is definitely a big part of my music, my creativity.
US: That’s great. Are you a basketball fan?
JB: Yeah!
US: I’m a basketball fan. Who are you rooting for?
JB: I have to go with LeBron James on this one. He’s just worked so hard, and he’s doing it with himself at this point. Right.
US: Thanks for that.
JB: My man.
US: Appreciate it.
JB: Not at all! Speaking of style, your style is on point!
US: Yeah?
JB: Killing it.
US: Appreciate it buddy. Thanks man.
JB: Take care!
US: Have a good one brother. Hope you enjoy Hong Kong.
JB: Yep!

Source: US Weekly

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