NEW VIDEO: Khalil Talks About Befriending with Justin Bieber!

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NEW VIDEO: Usher talking about Justin Bieber during an interview with HOT 97

(FF to 22:00)

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NEW VIDEO: DJ Mustard on working with Justin Bieber

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NEWS: Shawn Mendes talks about Justin Bieber comparisons


The new singer youtube’s Shawn Mendes, 16 yo, caught up with MTV UK about  those inevitable Justin Bieber comparisons. Check out:

MTV UK: What do you think about comparisons to the ‘other’ Justin, Biebs?

Shawn: I mean I don’t know the guy personally, but I guess our music could be similar in some ways, and very different in others. I used to listen to a lot of his stuff, not so much lately because I’ve been trying to do stuff of my own, and things just got crazy.

Source MTV UK


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Justin Bieber – The King of Pranks!

So yes we can clarify, to Beliebers Justin Bieber is talented and charming but we can also admit Justin has made a few daredevil pranks recently.

Let me take you through all the outrageous pranks Justin did, which labels him the Jokester King!

On October 12, 2012, Justin debuted the ‘Beauty and the Beat’ music video, in the video it captured a heart-stopping message talking about how his home, private videos were stolen by an unknown thief. This caused utter outrage in the Belieber fan base. However, Justin turned in his laptop to Tacoma, Washington the same week the video was released, we found out he used the opportunity to use a Twitter account supposedly belonging to the thief. Fans were angry that the “thief” was tweeting threats to give the private videos to the media, but it finally cooled down when Beliebers realised the unknown thief, that was tweeting the threats was their idol himself – Justin!

Justin hasn’t only pranked his fellow fans. In fact he’s pranked Willow Smith, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus to name a few celebrities that fell victim to his humorous plots.

But let’s talk about his more recent pranks. Justin confirmed on Power 106 FM how he’s retiring from the music industry…

Interviewer: The new album man, what’s up with the new album…give me dates, names…

Justin: New album…uh…I’m actually retiring! I’m going to quiet music.

Justin then said he was joking but then tweeted:

“@justinbieber: My beloved Beliebers I’m officially retiring.”

This caused havoc once again in the Belieber fanbase, because many of them believed this was the end.

Nicoline Jensen tweeted: “@Nicolineminnnie: It’s so hard to let someone Go that you love @justinbieber #justinretiring”

Even the biggest news publications such as – ‘the Guardian’ and the ‘Daily Mail’ believed that Justin was retiring as they set it as their headline news. But of course we realised we were all fooled by the Jokester, after he annoncued he’s making new music for his upcoming album.

Guess we can all admit we were all caught in his pranks, that should make Justin Bieber – The Jokester King!

Justin being silly at the interview at Power 106 FM

Justin being silly at the interview at Power 106 FM

 Justin's Joker tattoo symbolising his humorous side.

Justin’s Joker tattoo symbolising his humorous side.

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Beliebers! Get excited for Justin Bieber’s new music and get ready to push him to #1 on all the Charts!

article-2598626-1CE6922900000578-45_634x838Beliebers! It’s time to promote and get excited! 

As most of you know, superstar Justin Bieber has been working hard in the studio over the past year non stop, flying to different studios around the world and also working with many great artist and producers such as Ariana Grande, Cody Simpson, Lil Wayne, Tyga, and many others.

Bieber has also shared some of his new music “Looking for you” featuring the rapper Migos, “Hard 2 face reality” featuring the artist called “Poo Bear” and “We were born for this” on the social media site SoundCloud, Giving his Beliebers a taste of what his new music will be sounding like and teasing his previous fans with clips of new music on instagram!

The mega star’s official DJ known as “DJ Tay James” has also mentioned a new tour coming “sooner than expected” on his website, teasing millions of excited fans to see the superstar perform his amazing music live! Seeing the Biebs live never gets old, considering he always puts on a outstanding performance and always makes you wonder what will happen next with this amazingly talented artist!

So, from what we heard, Justin Bieber will be releasing an New Album soon and then later after that a New Tour! Which means Beliebers need to get ready to push Justin up the charts to #1 on the charts all around the world and promote him like crazy, As we had done many times before.

Its time to show the world that Justin Bieber is not going anywhere, even with all the bad press, His music will be on top! We need to request his new music at radio stations, request him to do many interviews talking about his new music, and vote for him at awards shows and hopefully have him perform at a few! With all of this, we will blow people’s minds! and prove Justin Bieber is here to stay and will always come back on top no matter how many times they kick him down.

Beliebers go hard, so show it! Get excited and be ready for some more outstanding music from the one and only Justin Bieber!

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NEWS: Austin Mahone talking about Justin Bieber!

Justin Beiber And Austin Mahone Visit The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show

Recently, during an interview, Austin Mahone talked about Justin Bieber:

“As we both began on YouTube, our careers took rather similar ways. I think that he helped me because he showed in musical industry that the young artists can become important. He showed me of course the road. He returned all that easier, even if it is not still simple because this job asks for a lot of job!”

“Justin is brilliant and very talented. In spite of what everybody says or what media tells on him, he always works very hard in studio. He knows what he makes and it is a very cool boy.”

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Justin Bieber: Getting ready for the new music!


Justin Bieber confirmed he’s busy preparing his new upcoming album! On June 28th 2014, Justin posted an Instagram video of him jamming to one of his beats from his new album.

Justin captioned the above video with: “Going ham in my the kitchen lol @soundzgram on the beat. #newalbum.” “Justin listening to a song from his new album – Instagram Video”

We know Justin isn’t a stranger of constant studio sessions. He’s known to have been in the studio with Tyga (again), Chris Brown, Akon, Lil Wayne, Ariana Grande, Cody Simpson, Austin Mahone and his two signed artists – Maejor Ali and Madison Beer. 

Justin has already got many Beliebers excited from his released soundcloud and collaboration music. Such as the recent remix he made with Trey Songz – Foreign, which is is still on Billboards Hot 100. Long ago, Justin didn’t want to leave his Beliebers without any new music so he uploaded various of songs he made while he was in the studio previously. The songs he uploaded are:Looking For You which he featured with Migos.
We Were Born For This, which is one of the songs he gives a shout out and thank you to all the dedicated Beliebers who have supported him for so long.
AndHard To Face Reality‘, which he recorded with his good friend Poo Bear. Through the song he sends the message that even if the world may not agree with what you say, you shouldn’t be scared to be different. It describes how facing the fact that you’re differnet, is facing reality.

Justin said in a past interview, “It’s crazy that if someone says something, people are quick to believe it.” 

Music seems to be the best way Justin can inform us – Beliebers about how he truly feels and what’s happening in his life at the moment. It’s very certain that Justin has something up his sleeve and he’s preparing to surprise the world with his new music. You would think after such a hectic and controversial year Justin would have had his mind set on getting some rest, but no! It’s just getting started! 

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Help Justin Bieber hit 5 BILLION views on YouTube!

Justin Bieber is currently at 4,949,116,134 views and 9,740,191 subscribers on his Justin Bieber official VEVO account on YouTube since he created this account back in Sep 25, 2009 , to post his first ever music video to his song “One time”! After he was found on his first YouTube account “Kidrauhl” in 2007! 

As every Belieber, We are so incredibly proud of how far he has come over the years! Help him reach 5 Billion views by watching his music videos and interviews on

Justin Bieber youtube crew

NEW VIDEO: Justin Bieber and Nick Demoura need your votes for ‘So you think you can dance’!

 nickdemoura: Tomorrow night @justinbieber and I have two more crews that need your vote! Tune into @danceonfox

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(NEW PHOTOS) Justin Bieber instagrams new pictures of himself in Beverly Hills!

@justinbieber: #bizzle


@justinbieber: ♛


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NEW PHOTO: Justin Bieber posts new Selfie with Ryan Butler!

image@justinbieber: ryanbutler is in town bout to beat him in a round of golf

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NEW PHOTO: Adidas NEO Posts Picture of Justin

8f43a564b9c011e396ce12967c1f9c19_6@adidasneolabel: need a break? here is some eye candy.

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