Justin Bieber will perform with Lara Stone in Hong Kong on June 11th…


CK w Lara Stone

Justin Bieber will be performing with his partner Lara Stone in Hong Kong on June 11 at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal. Yes, it sounds like a great news but there’s a problem…  Calvin Klein Jeans is hosting the blockbuster concert, and invitations will be distributed through the brand.

“So what to do if you not skilled at acquiring tickets by unscrupulous means or you have no friends working for Calvin Klein? You could join the sweaty, fevered pack of screaming teenage girls who will inevitably be stationed outside the venue on the night hoping to catch a glimpse of the star, or else follow the concert through social media via the hashtag #calvinkleinlive. ”

It isn’t confirmed yet. It will be a surprise!

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