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#JBCrewdotcomInterviewJB trended worldwide!

Posted by: | Posted on: February 25, 2014

#JBCrewdotcomInterviewJB trending5

#JBCrewdotcomInterviewJB trending

#JBCrewdotcomInterviewJB trending2

#JBCrewdotcomInterviewJB trending5

#JBCrewdotcomInterviewJB trending6

#JBCrewdotcomInterviewJB trending4

#JBCrewdotcomInterviewJB trending7

We are proud to announce that #JBCrewdotcomInterviewJB trended worldwide multiple times!
But sadly, none of the crew members noticed since it was on and off the whole time.

We might be creating another trending day soon, so keep your eye out for that!

Thanks to everyone who helped out, your support means the world!

Best regards,
Justin Bieber Crew

Join Our Video Project!

Posted by: | Posted on: February 21, 2014

We need as many videos as possible of Beliebers taking a video of themselves saying how much we deserve to interview Justin. If this works out, and the crew do see potential in us; they will also see your beautiful faces in the video.

If you have read the JBCrew members’ stories, you would understand how much this means to us. All you have got to do, is take a video of yourself talking about why we should interview Justin and/or why you like us and what we do. This doesn’t have to be a long video. It can be if you want, but it’s up to you. All videos we receive will be used and made into one huge video which, hopefully Justin or the crew will see.

Once you have made your video, please send it directly to: bieberscuties@gmail.com or put it onto YouTube and email us the link!

Our Story

Posted by: | Posted on: February 20, 2014

View Lauren’s (owner) story by clicking the image below!


View Maja’s (admin) story by clicking the image below!


Francesca’s story coming soon!

coming sooon

Project #1: Trending day!

Posted by: | Posted on: February 20, 2014

On February 22nd, the members behind @JBCrewdotcom and www.justinbiebercrew.com will be trying to trend #JBCrewdotcomInterviewJB!

We work so hard on updates, giveaways, etc. everyday, and our biggest dream is for the JBCrew team to get together to interview Justin! The trending is taking place at 10pm/22 danish time! We converted some time zones already, but you can find your own location by going to: worldtimebuddy.com and converting from Aarhus, Denmark to your time!

If you’re still unsure on how to convert your timezone, watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwOq0LJsszU and it will guide you through! When you find out what time it is at your location, make sure to set your alarm!

We hope you are all ready to help out! This interview would literally mean the world to us. Remember, when the trending is taking place, it would be awesome if you could mention the crew!

So what can you do until the trending? Well, you can help us spread the word by tweeting this picture:

We will be DM’ing some of the people who helps out now and on the trending day, to the crew! Who wouldn’t want a “Belieber & Justin” interview?

Who wouldn’t want to see 3 Beliebers interview Justin Bieber?

Posted by: | Posted on: February 20, 2014

Lauren, Maja and Francesca are 3 Beliebers with 1 huge dream; to interview Justin Bieber. We have been supporting Justin unconditionally for years, and to think that one day we might get the chance to interview Justin would just mean all of our hard work has paid off.