It is extremely hard to be an independent movie producer these days. Billion dollars film studios are pumping millions and billions on movies and advertisement which is creating a cloud over independent movie producers. An independent movie producer can never compete with big studios, and that is the reason why we see a constant decrease in Independent film production. But that didn’t stop few fearless producers from giving their imagination the reality. Unlike commercial movies, independent movies are mostly for an artistic purpose than making money. Today I decided to list down some of the best Independent movies of 2018 so far. B

Before we go to the list, I must describe what is an independent movie.

What makes a movie an Independent movie?

What is an Independent Movie

An independent movie which was produced outside of any traditional movie studio system. Be it Hollywood, Bollywood or even some little-known movie industries like Nollywood from Nigeria. Because it is made outside of big movie studios, budget plays a huge role. More often than not, these movies are funded by the producers from their own pocket. Independent movies are also very personal to the artists and the people involved in the production. Independent movies or Indie movies also use different channels of distribution. Most of the Indie movies are not aimed to make money; rather those are for showing what they can do. You rarely see any popular mainstream artists on these movies; these movies are mainly by small artists. There are some really great independent movies produced this 2018, and I am very much excited to introduce you to those movies.

2 Best Independent Movies on 2018


This is my favorite Horror movie of all time. This movie is a horror and supernatural movie. Many people believe that a horror movie on a low budget can never be good and if you think so, then you have to watch this movie. Hereditary was first released in June 2018 in Russia. Annie and her mother never saw eye to eye, and after her mother deaths, some weird things started to happen. Annie struggles to keep up with everything happening in her house and in the process she learns about the dark and terrifying history of her family. The acting, direction, and special effects are on point. In no way you can tell this movie is an independent movie with a budget 1/10th of any commercial Horror movie from Hollywood. This movie also performed very well in the box office.

Eighth Grade

Comedian and former YouTube star Bo Burnham is the mind and director behind the Indie movie Eighth Grade. This movie takes a peek look at a 13 years old girl at her last week of the eighth grade before going to the high school. This is not your average movie about teenagers who find life difficult. Director Bo Burnham did a good job showing how thirteen years old girls maneuver in that point of their life where getting approval from social media is important. The peer pressure of getting validation from Facebook and Instagram to the difficulties kids nowadays go through. We usually overlook the problem of a 13 years kid, but they have their problem and this movie describe it very effectively. The lead character Kayla played by Elsie Fisher did an awesome job playing the character, and she was almost natural with her act.

These are the two movies I was eager to show you guys. I am new to the Indie film genres, and I am glad I broadened my vision and decided to give a try to Indie films. There are hundreds of great movies produced by Independent movie producers, and many of them went on to receive Oscar and other prestigious awards. Wikipedia has a great list of some of the most popular Indie movies of all time and if you are someone getting into Indie movies then I strongly recommend you to read about those movies.


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