The story of Dominique from Make-A-Wish Foundation Meeting Justin Bieber!

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I would like to share a story of a girl from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, who met Justin on July 15th 2013 in Ottawa – her story is pretty incredible! I was sent this via email and it grabbed my attention, it was such a touching story. I want to also say a big congratulations to Dominique for having such a wonderful experience with the one and only Justin Bieber.

Read her story:

“My name is Dominique. I’m 18 years old and I’m from Gatineau, Quebec. November 23rd, 2012: my best friend Jolaine, and I went to Justin Bieber’s concert in Ottawa. It was the best day of our life … till now. In Febuary 2013, Pierre, a good friend of my mom and I, heard about Make-A-Wish’ foundation. He gave my name to them and … on March 29th, 2013, I received a pretty good news: my dream of meeting Justin Bieber was on the way to come true! I was far away on the waiting list and Tanya (the girl who was responsible of my wish) told me on July 15th that my dream would probably come true in two or three years. But, after hard work from her and her team, she told me four days later that I would meet him in Ottawa on July 23rd with my parents and my best friend! I was so excited! I received a lot of gifts from Make-A-Wish before going to  Canadian Tire Center : gift certificates from the Bayshore, free manucures and pedicures, two nights at the Brookstreet Hotel and … a special meeting with Cody Simpson! When the BIG night arrived, we took a beautiful limousine to get to the giant arena. Over there, we’ve waited for two long hours in a special room … the one where all Justin Bieber’s crowd was eating! We saw dancers and musicians, Kenny Hamilton (he gave us two kisses on the cheeks!), Scrappy, Pattie Mallette and Dan Kanter (he took a picture with me and gave me his pic of guitar!). My best friend and I were shaking so bad. We had difficulties to breathe. Kenny finally arrived at 7:30pm to tell us that Justin was ready to receive us. We got to the small dark room where he made his M&G a few minutes before. He was there, in front of me! OMG! As soon as I got in front of him, he put his two hands on my legs, I put my two hands on his and he said : Wow, you’re so gorgeous! I cannot believe that my idol told me that! Then, he pulled me on my wheelchair to take me with him on the red carpet to take some pictures.He asked me: Do you have any question for me? So I said: Hum, yes! Well, my dream to meet you is coming true right now. But I want to know what is YOUR dream now that you have everything? And he responded: Well my dream is to make all my fans, all my beliebers, everybody … I want to make you happy. I hurried to say: Your dream comes true too, because I’m so happy right now! And he made his little ”awww” that I love so much!During this conversation, we were looking and smiling at each other like crazy! For the pictures, he put his arm around me and smiled at the camera. Then, without any notice, he put his lips on my right cheek to give me a kiss. AND WHAT A KISS! It lasted about 10 seconds while he was moving his lips and smiling! OMG, WOW! I’m so glad to confirm that Justin has kisseable lips! After that, he went to my best friend and she tought he was only going to take her hands. But he hugged her so hard! She felt like she was in paradise! He also brought my parents at the front with me to take another picture with us. 30 seconds later, it was the time to sign my three things. He first signed his biography. He used his usual signature  and … add a big heart at the bottom!  Then, he signed my Make-A-Wish’s shirt that I was wearing. His face was at 10 cm from mine, OMG! Last thing was my prom dress. I gave it to him and he looked very suprised!He said: Wow, you must be so wonderful in this! OMG! Finally, came the difficult time to say goodbye. He gave me a big hug (I quickly thought to touch his neck, because I love it so bad, and also his little hair, secute!).When he went by the exit, he grabbed Jolaine’s arms. OMG it was so cool! He said goodbye to her and to my parents. After that, he left. I started to cry because it was the best moment of my life! It was absolutely magic! My dream came true, but I still have the dream to meet him again. We went to see the show and it was totaly amazing! He sang O Canada and guess what? He was shirtless for 4 SONGS! I want to thank Make-A-Wish’ foundation to made this happened. And Justin, if you ever see this message, I want to thank you for this incredible moment. You’re the best and thank you so much for making me BELIEVE! Je t’aime <3 #NeverSayNever - Dominique (@DoeBieber)”

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