Happy Birthday Justin Bieber!


Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Justin,
Happy birthday to you!

Wow. It feels like it was only ten seconds ago that we were wishing Justin Bieber a happy 22nd birthday and now we are wishing him a happy 23rd; time really does go too fast!

This year has been another round of fun updates, amazing shows, outstanding new music and so much more. We know that this next year will be as equally as amazing, if not better, and we cannot wait to see the Biebs continue to succeed.

The team at JBC hope that Justin has another fun filled and successful year as always. Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Awesome Justin Bieber Covers!


If you clicked on this article expecting to see a list of throwback Justin Bieber covers…..is it too late now to say sorry?

There are so many artists all around the world who post videos of them covering JB’s songs, so we thought why not share some of our favourites?

Here are just a few of them…..

If you have a favourite cover that we haven’t included or even a cover of your own, don’t hesitate to share them with us by commenting on this post!

Justin Bieber – Let The Fun Begin!


Just two months into 2017, Justin Bieber and the crew have kicked off this years set of Purpose Tour shows. The first show of the year was held in Monterrey, Mexico.

Fans quickly filled the Estadio BBVA Bancomer stadium (yes, stadium!) which holds 52,237 people. Insane, right? 

Check out this beautiful picture of the crowd

The setlist (reminder: Justin likes to switch things up and spontaneously change the setlist so be prepared for anything!) – 

1. Mark My Words
2. Where Are Ü Now
3. I’ll Show You
4. Get Used To It
5. The Feeling
6. Boyfriend
7. Cold Water (acoustic set)
8. Yellow Raincoat (acoustic set) 
9. Love Yourself (acoustic set)
10. Been You
11. Company
12. No Sense
13. Hold Tight
14. No Pressure
15. As Long As You Love Me
16. Children
17. Let Me Love You
18. Life Is Worth Living
19. What Do You Mean?
20. Baby
21. Purpose
22. Sorry 

Justin Bieber performing in Monterrey, Mexico

During the show, the Biebs stopped to appreciate the crowd and say “These are the moments that I live for. These are the moments that I thrive for.”

The first Purpose Stadium Tour went out with a bang (quite literally) as a large amount of fireworks were set off, lighting up the sky for a perfect finish to an amazing show.

The perfect finish to an outstanding show

Dates for upcoming Purpose Stadium Tour shows can be found here. Let us know if you are going to any of these shows by commenting on this post!

More photos and videos can be found on the JBC twitter page (@JBCrewdotcom).