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We (JustinBieberCrew) have partnered up with Julieta, from @ifirstdance for a Shots project which YOU can get involved with! You may upload 1 photo for the project, once a day until the project ends on Saturday, 11th of October, any submissions after this date won’t count (so don’t do it, because it’s pointless). Also, make sure to download the Shots app if you haven’t already. It is available on both Apple and Android devices, click here to download! When the app is downloaded, make sure to follow the creators of this incredible app: John Shahidi (johnny), Sam Shahidi (sammy), and of course Justin Bieber (justinbieber).

Make sure that your Shots account is NOT on private.

You MUST follow these rules on how to enter:

  • Download Shots, and then follow us, here and here so we can direct message the winner!
  • Print out the poster we made, or make your own promotional image/drawing. (English / Spanish)

Extra information: If you are unable to print it off, or feel like you want to be more creative, feel free to make your own promotional image/poster/drawing, or make anything which helps promote Shots. We want you to release your creativity – show everyone how big of a #shottie you really are. Also, if your language isn’t given above, and you still want to participate – feel free!

  • Go on the Shots app and take a photo of yourself handing our Shots promotional flyer out, or sticking the poster around your home town/school.

Entra information: If you don’t feel confident going around your home town handing out flyers, and putting up posters…don’t worry. You can do something else to promote Shots. Example: drawing on the ground with chalk to promote the app, or simply holding up our edit/your promotional image/poster in your room. Promoting the app in your community would be the best option, but just do anything you feel comfortable with. Be creative. Be unique. Stand out.

  • Once you have taken the photo on Shots, caption it with the hashtag #SpreadShots, and connect it to Twitter.

Extra information: This photo must be uploaded onto Shots, so that you are promoting the app, as well as using it yourself to join in with the contest…it only makes sense. Emailing or tweeting us photos which were not taken on the app, will not be counted as an entry.

  • We will then look on the hashtag (#SpreadShots) and select your images to make into a big collage.

Extra information: This collage will feature all, or most of the photos which have been sent in. We will try our very hardest to get Justin Bieber himself, to see the finished collage of your amazing promotional images/skills.

  • We will then pick 1 winner to receive a custom made drawing, made by Julieta (who made the drawing for this project). The drawing would be a personalised M&G photo of the winner with JB. (It will be sent to the winner as a digital copy, and MAYBE sent through the post).

Extra information: This is NOT a giveaway, it’s a project. So the drawing is just an added bonus. However, we hope that the collage will give everyone a reason to participate in this contest. If you have any questions about this project, which have not already been answered in this article, please tweet us: Lauren (@BieberJiebers) & Julieta (@ifirstdance). Be creative. Be bold. Be unique. Because you never know…maybe even JB himself will see it. 

Have you entered our Shots project?
Let us know!

Spanish translation



Yo (ifirstdance) me he asociado con Lauren de (JustinBieberCrew) para realizar un proyecto de Shots del cual  puedes participar. Usted puede subir 1 foto para el proyecto, una vez al día, hasta que el proyecto termine el sábado 11 de Octubre.

Además, asegúrate de descargar la aplicación de Shots si todavía no la tienes. Está disponible en ambos dispositivos tanto para Apple como para Android, haga click aquí para descargar. Cuando la aplicación este descargada, asegúrate de seguir a los creadores de esta asombrosa aplicación: John Shahidi (johnny), Sam Shahidi (Sammy), y por supuesto a Justin Bieber (justinbieber).

Usted debe seguir las siguientes reglas de cómo participar:

  • Descarga Shots, y luego síguenos, aquí y aquí para que podamos mandarte el mensaje si eres el ganador.
  • Imprima el cartel que hicimos o haz tu propia imagen/dibujo promocional. (Inglés / Español)

Información adicional: Si usted es incapaz de imprimirlo, o siente que quiere ser más creativo, no dude en hacer su propia imagen/cartel/dibujo promocional, o hacer cualquier cosa que ayude a promover Shots. Queremos que suelte su creatividad – Muéstrale a todo el mundo que eres un gran #shottie en realidad. Además, si su idioma no se ha dado anteriormente, y usted todavía quiere participar – siéntete libre de hacerlo!

  • Ve a la aplicación de Shots y tomate una foto de ti mismo entregando nuestros folletos promocionando Shots, o pegando el cartel alrededor de su barrio/ciudad/escuela.

Información adicional: Si usted no se siente seguro repartiendo volantes alrededor de su barrio/ciudad o colocando carteles… No te preocupes. Usted puede hacer algo más para promover Shots. Ejemplo: dibuja en el suelo con tiza para promover la aplicación o simplemente tomate una foto sosteniendo nuestra edición/imagen/cartel promocional en su habitación. Promover la aplicación en su comunidad sería la mejor opción, pero simplemente puedes hacer cualquier cosa con la que usted se sienta cómodo. Sea creativo. Sea único. Destácate.

  • Una vez que te hayas tomado la foto en Shots, agrega en la descripción el hashtag #SpreadShots y compártela en Twitter.

Información adicional: Esta foto tiene que ser subida a través de Shots, ya que estamos promoviendo la aplicación, así como es necesario que la use para unirse al concurso, solo así tendría sentido. Enviar por correo electrónico o Twittear fotos que no están subidas a la aplicación, no se contaran como validas.

  • Nosotros vamos a ver en el hashtag (#SpreadShots) y seleccionar sus imágenes para hacer un gran collage.

Información adicional: Este collage contará con todas, o la mayoría de las fotos que se envíen. Vamos a hacer todo lo posible para conseguir que el mismo Justin Bieber vea el collage terminado de sus increíbles imágenes/habilidades promocionales.

  • Nosotros vamos a escoger 1 ganador que recibirá un dibujo personalizado realizado por mí, Julieta (que soy quién hizo el dibujo para este proyecto). El dibujo sería una foto M&G personalizada del ganador con JB. (Este documento se enviará al ganador como una copia digital, y QUIZÁS también por correo de forma material).

Información adicional: Esto NO es un sorteo, es un proyecto. Así que el dibujo es sólo una ventaja añadida. Sin embargo, esperamos que el collage les dé a todos una razón para participar de este concurso.

Si usted tiene alguna pregunta o duda acerca de este proyecto, que aun no haya sido respondida en este artículo, por favor envíenos un tweet: Lauren (BieberJiebers) y Julieta (ifirstdance). Sea creativo. Sea valiente. Sea único. Porque nunca se sabe, tal vez incluso el propio JB lo vea.

Has entrado en nuestro proyecto de Shots?
Déjanos saber!

NEW/OLD VIDEO: Justin Bieber getting a haircut via Fahlo

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Check out the screenshots from Team Bieber’s video on Fahlo below

NEW VIDEO: Justin Bieber at Adidas Neo photoshoot

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Check out the HQ screencaps from the ‘Justin Bieber: #‎NEOwhere‬’ video below

”He’s been a great friend to me” says Cody Simpson in a recent interview

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Some time ago, Justin Bieber and singer Cody Simpson often met in the studio to the purpose of a musical project that is to come. In a recent interview with TV Weekly, Cody revealed that they are great friends, and the Canadian is always giving him advices when he needs it. Check out the full interview:

The Australian singer reveals how his love life dramas are similar to Bieber’s…

Australian singing sensation Cody Simpson has revealed he and controversial performer Justin Bieber talk about their relationship dramas like any other “good mates”.

Ahead of his appearance at Nickelodeon’s SLIMEFEST in Australia later this month, Cody told TV WEEK he had spoken to Justin this morning about their love lives: Cody’s up-and-down romance with model Gigi Hadid, 19, and Justin’s with actress/singer, Selena Gomez, 22.

“I gave him a call today because I’m having complications with my girlfriend and he’s like, ‘Man, this is what you should do,’” the 17-year-old from Queensland’s Gold Coast told the Australian magazine during an interview today.

“It’s nice to have a mate who’s a couple of years senior. He’s kind of been going through the same kind of thing that I’m going through with his on-and-off girlfriend.  He’s become a really, really good mate of mine. He’s told me some of the things he’s been going through and he’s always there for me. So, it’s kind of nice to have someone who knows where you started off musically and can talk to you about that stuff.”

Cody says while he supports his famous friend, he tries not to buy into all the hype.

“I stay out of the drama and all the other stuff that happens,” Cody says.

“But, regardless, he’s been a great friend to me and he’s given me great musical opportunities lately to showcase my skills and talents. He’s a great man. We’re very different people, but that’s kind of why we get along – we bring different things to the table.”

Romance and drama aside, Cody, who was Justin’s support act when he toured Australia last year, reveals the pair has a “little project” in the works.

“We’re making an announcement soon, but we’ve been working on a lot of music together, mostly acoustic stuff,” Cody says.

Credits to: TV Weekly and Bieber Fever Brasil

NEW PHOTOS: Justin Bieber out for Chick-fil-A in Los Angeles, CA (Sept 17)

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