10 Reasons Why Taking Selfies On Shots Never Felt So Good!

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Have you ever been in that situation where you are debating whether or not to upload a selfie to Instagram/Facebook/Twitter? All because of rude comments and replies which may follow? Let’s face it, we’ve all been there.

Social media has become an asset to most young kids and teens nowadays, completely overruling books and other educational devices. Smartphones are the main reason for this change. Although they can come in handy, they also have their flaws. Not only are smartphones used for the traditional phone call and SMS, but they’re also packed with apps; one of which we would like to talk about.

Selfies, selfies, and more selfies. Since the front-facing camera took over our smartphones, the word “selfie” has been used more and more all around the world. When Instagram launched in October 2010, so did the number of selfies. But on a negative note; so did the amount of rude comments on photos. The Internet is a useful tool for cyber bullies. It can be useful for you too, if you associate yourself with the correct apps.

Shots! Nope, we’re not on about alcoholic drinks or guns, we’re talking about the next level selfie app! Comments? Filters? Catfish? All gone. The incredible creators: Sam and John Shahidi, have designed an app which is totally negativity free.

10 reasons why WE love the Shots app, and why taking selfies never felt so good:

  1. No bullies! No comments will be permitted on this app, only photo replies. So it’s a negativity-free zone for you to enjoy!
  2. Your traditional filter effects have been thrown in the trash…it’s time to be natural. The only filter you’re getting is a highlight/shade scroll.
  3. No “catfish” – don’t you want to know who you’re following, or who you’re messaging? Now you can! This app doesn’t allow photo uploads, it has to be taken there and then.
  4. As we’re all well aware; Justin Bieber is an investor. Which means he’s 100% dedicated to the app, and everything it stands for.
  5. It enables you to interact with users by liking/replying/messaging, nobody else gets involved in other peoples conversations = no controversy.
  6. No follower/following count – Nobody knows how many followers each other has, it’s all a mystery. Shots is not a popularity contest.
  7. Addictive – Once you have posted a few selfies, you realize how fun and addictive the app is. Once you start, you will never look back.
  8. No limit…posting too many selfies to Instagram will leave your friends/mutuals thinking/commenting: “Why do you love yourself?” & “You’re so self-obsessed”, but Shots is different. You can never take too many selfies on Shots.
  9. Awareness – Shots is not only bringing positivity to the app, but it’s also spreading awareness about cyber bullies. It shows that with the right apps, they can be stopped.
  10. Updates/graphics – Not only do the graphics keep improving, but the whole concept of Shots keeps getting better and better with each update. If you don’t download the app…you’re missing out big time.

If that wasn’t enough, discover why some of our Twitter followers enjoy the app as much as we do:


All concluded, I think it’s fair to say that Shots is the most incredible selfie app out there! Not only is it free from catfish (no photo uploads), negativity (no comments), and popularity (no “follower” count). But it’s also a really simple but effective app, which needs YOU. It’s free to download on both Android and Apple products.

Download on App Store                                                    Download on Google Play Store

Don’t forget about our Shots project, which will be launching next month (September).

NEW PHOTOS: Justin Bieber outside at his father’s house in Ontario, Canada.

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EXCLUSIVE: Justin Bieber sits with a bikini clad brunette poolside at his dad Jeremy Bieber's house in Stratford, Canada

EXCLUSIVE: Justin Bieber sits with a bikini clad brunette poolside at his dad Jeremy Bieber's house in Stratford, Canada

EXCLUSIVE: Justin Bieber sits with a bikini clad brunette poolside at his dad Jeremy Bieber's house in Stratford, Canada

EXCLUSIVE: Justin Bieber sits with a bikini clad brunette poolside at his dad Jeremy Bieber's house in Stratford, Canada

Check out more photos on gallery below:


Justin Bieber & Cody Simpson: New Music (11.10.14)

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10581079_550685195060922_553244302_nNew music from Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson 11.10.14

Superstar Justin Bieber has been Instagramming and tweeting about doing an acoustic project with singer, Cody Simpson for a few weeks now. The stars have teamed up for night sessions of creating music in Hollywood studios. They have already accordingly created over 12 songs.

Cody has been interviewed recently and has been asked about new music with Bieber saying, “He gave me a call a couple months back and I guess he’d seen some little clips I posted on Instagram of me playing guitar and jamming and soloing, and he was like, “Man, you’re getting really good. I’d love you to come and write.”  

Cody continues, “We went in and ended up being in the studio til six in the morning, came out with a song, went in the next night and then ended up writing like 12 songs in seven days, working all night. So it was a great experience. We’re both very different people and we’re both inspired in very different ways but I was able to come in and play some guitars and we were able to write some beautiful songs together, pretty acoustic-sounding, so you’ll hear some music this year.”

Justin Bieber has been teasing fans about an acoustic album with Simpson and tweeting the numbers 11.10, which is obviously the date of the release for new music! Fans haven’t heard new music from Bieber in an year now, so this is very exciting! Even better…it’s acoustic, which Beliebers will love since that’s how Justin has started his career.

So, fans need to get promoting! Request the new music at radio stations, buy the music and get it to #1! Share the music on all social media sites, and vote! Make the music a success!